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Partnered with local authority building control.
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Existing Roof if stripped off progressively ready to accept new engineered floor structure.

 Day 1- Roof tiles are stripped and temporary weather protection is applied to the roof, and new floor structure is put in place inside the existing roof structure. 

We fit as much of the floor as possible without removing the roof structure. Giving us a deck to ensure existing ceilings aren't damaged when the existing roof is removed.

 Day 2- New floor is then fitted and decked using 22mm egger protect decking with the existing roof remaining on. 

The roof is removed and the deck is fitted in the same days, creating a waterproof shell over you home. Panels are then erected.

 Day 3- The existing roof is now removed and a temporary weather protection membrane is placed over the new floor structure, and the new first floor structure and roof is erected.

Once the timber frame panels are erected, the new roof structure is crained into place.

 Day 3- The new roof structure begins to take shape using pre-manufactured roof trusses. 

Roof structure is crained on to new timber frame structure.

Day 5- Structural roofing works continue with roof structure to be completed in a further two days, ready for roof finish to be applied.

The tiber frame is erected and water tight withing 10 working days.

Day 8- Roofers and window fitters carry out their works and the property is in the dry and secure ready for all following trades.

The frame is rendered and completed externally in a matter of weeks. Following trades commence internally.

                       Completed Project... 

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