First Floor Extension To An Existing Bungalow - Bury St EDMUNDs

First Floor Extension. Bury St Edmunds. Existing roof removed.
Prior to Sms Timber Frames arrival, all tiles were stripped from the roof ready for our works to begin. The first job was to begin stripping off the existing roof to allow for the new floor structure to be fitted.
Existing roof removed progressively to accept new timber frame floor structure.
The first section of the existing roof is removed and the wall plate of the bungalow is packed level ready to accept our ring beam system, which will eventually hold our new floor structure.
New timber engineered floor structure is craned into position.
The posi-strut metal web floor joists are top hung onto the newly fitted ring beam, meaning they can be crained straight on to the existing structure and simply fanned out to their correct position.
With new floor structure in place, next section of existing roof is removed.
With all the joists in place and fixed to the ringbeam, this area of the structure is now decked using 22mm weather deck which is bonded to the joists using a D4 adhesive glue. Before anymore of the roof structure is removed, a temporary weather membrane is applied to this are of the house. This is all completed in one day.
With the fist section of the new floor structure completed, we then moved on to stripping the next section of roofing, we stripped right back to the position of the new steel beam that would support part of the floor. Once the roof was stripped, the steel beam was crained into position.
Next section of roof removed. New timber floor structure is fitted.

 With the steel beam now fixed in place, the new floor structure continues to be fitted in the same manor, top hung onto a ring beam.

Engineered timber floors fixed ready to accept deck.
With this area completed, it too must be decked and weather protected before the final section of the roof is removed.
Remaining roof structure removed. Floor structure decked and temporary weather membrane fitted.
Going into the 5th day, all of the roof structure has been removed, and the new floor structure is completely fitted without disturbing any of the existing ceilings. The remainder of the floor is decked and a temporary weather protection is applied to the whole of the new floor structure.
Existing roof removed and temp weather protection fitted ready to accept new timber frame structure.
The new floor structure is in place and ready to accept the timber frame extension. A crane is hired to place the first floor panels onto the first floor structure, where Sms Timber Frame will install the panels in just one day.
Timber Frame structure is craned into position, fixed and braced, ready to accept roof trusses.
With the panels installed and braced, the roof structure is then delievered and begins taking shape in week 2.
Roof Trusses are craned into position, fixed and braced.
Roof structure begins to take shape.
Remaining timber trusses and timber frame dormers are fitted, completing the timber frame structure.
By day 10, the roof structure is completed and all the following trades now commence, firstly being the window fitters and roofers to make the project water tight.
Following trades complete the timber frame extension in a matter of weeks. Success.

Completed Project

"Although we have undertaken a lot of builds in the past we had never used timber frame.  SMS made the build the simplest, quickest and most economically efficient we have ever undertaken.  They arrived on site when they said they would and did what they said they would without any hidden extras (in fact they went the extra mile).  We wouldn't hesitate to use them again." 
"If anyone wants to come and have a look, especially as they can still see the frame from inside  we are happy to show them"