Our client Mr Sissons has used Sms Timber Frame a number of times in the past, on this occasion he is developing three new build homes on a single plot of land, this case study refers to the first out of the three. Mr Sissons Came to Sms Timber Frame in early-august 2011, for a price for the timber frame in which we responded to within the week.

Mr Sissons placed the order and the design for the timber frame began just a couple of days later. Once the setting out drawing was completed, Mr Sissons laid the slab prior to the manufacture of the timber frame. The frame manufacture took just 5 days in our purpose built work shop with the frame ready to go on site in the last week of August. The Haulage of the frame was organsied and included in the quotation for the project, once the kit arrived on site it was then offloaded by the Sms team ready to be stood.

The erection of the frame including the roof took around 8 days with much of the internal joinery work taking place in the building as we were erecting, as well as the outer layer of brick work beginning once the two stories had been erected, giving all the other trades a head start and maximising production. On completion of the roof it is felted and all windows / doors are fitted, making the house completely water tight in 4-5 weeks from the placement of Mr Sissons order.

On the completion of the timber frame element, Mr Sissons was able to manage this project to completion before Christmas and ensure his clients were in their new home for Christmas. The speed of timber frame erection once again becoming one of its strongest attributes. 

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