The client on this project came to Sms Timber Frame requiring a solution for their design, in terms of the structural capabilities of our system and the thermal efficiency of our structures.

 This project was constructed from our 206mm Engineered "Eco Stud". This gave the client a huge range of flexibility when choosing their insulation type, whilst ensuring they can meet the U-Value required for their structure. 

This project took just over one week at site level to complete and our clients was very happy with the timber frame, and the efficiency of our service. 

Our system suited the large openings and large clear spans perfectly. The light weight composition of the timber frame means that the client was able to design their dream home and not compromise on the main features they wished to encompass in that design. 

"Thanks to you and your team, the Timber frame was amazing, we couldn't believe how efficient it all was".

Reshmi Dixon 

|The completed project|