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We are members of Trada.

 "This unique approach to this kind of extension really worked for us, we couldn't have possibly closed the business during the build. I don't think that we could have successfully completed the project and kept trading if we had not found your system". Peter Baldwin

The roof is stripped off the existing structure progressively and the new timber frame floor structure is fitted and a weather proof decking is fitted. This part of the work is all completed in one day so that the team can make the sexisting structure weather tight without the need of expensive canvas scaffolding,

 A first floor extension to form living space over an operational out of school club business. Existing ceilings were retained to minimise disruption and allow the business to continue trading during the build process.

The singe storey timber frame extension is now erected by the sms timber frame team. The panels are plumbed, braced and headbinder is applied ready to accept the roof structure.

 Day Five- Stripping off the existing roof and installing the new timber structure progressively to minimise disruption.

Floor structure in place, and first floor walls being erected, temporary weather protection ensure little or no water ingress.

The roof trusses go into place over the timber frame structure.

 Day 6- Roof trusses are erected, raised tie trusses are used in order to form a low eaves level.

The timber frame element of the project is completed on schedule with the business still full functioning below.

 Day 8- The timber frame structure is complete, roofing and felt is fitted to make the structure watertight and allow following trades to commence (in the dry).

The Completed Project

The project is completed without the business having to shut down. Sms Timber Frame were always confident that we could erect this project without disturbing the business below.

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