"I am a bricklayer by trade and worked in the building trade all my life, so when it came to extending my own house, obviously i was thinking block work, not timber frame. However I took the advise of my architect and couldn't believe how much easier this kind of extension can bet using this system"  

                                                                            Mr Mick Sadler, Chesterfield.

Partnered with the Local Authority Building Control in timber frame.
We are proud members of TRADA. Timber Frame.
The existing roof structure is stripped progressively and the new floor structure is fitted.

Day One- A full first floor extension providing 3 beds, 1 en suite and bathroom at first floor level. The roof is stripped off progressively. 

Sms Fit and deck the new floor structure ready to accept the timber frame structure.

 Day Two- The new floor zone being fitted progressively to allow temporary weather protection in order to maintain existing ceilings at ground floor level.

The new timber frame structure is craned onto the new floor structure ready to be erected.

 Day Three- The speed of the erection operation and the temporary weather proofing eliminates the need for expensive canopy scaffolding (in some cases the clients have remained living in the property throughout the duration of the build).

The timber frame structure is fully erected and the new roof structure is erected. A floating ceiling is installed as per the clients specification.

 Day Three- The first floor wall panels are erected, in the same day, any beams or purlins for the roof are positioned using the crane. Our aim is to maximise the use of expensive crane time. Just one crane day was required for this project.

The roof structure is complete ready for all other trades to commence. Due to Sms Timber Frame being able to stick to the program so tightly, the roofer was lined up for the following day ensuring the frame is water tight within 24 hours of completion.

 Day Five- The completed timber frame structure ready for eaves and roof finishes to be applied. Once felt and battens are in place, the following trades can begin internally.


The Completed Project

The timber frame extension doubled the floor area of this house, whilst causing minimum disruption to the existing structure, allowing the client to live in the house throughout the construction process.

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