Traditional Timber Frame Home

The ground floor timber frame is erected.

Traditional Timber Frame House

Once all ground floor walls are erected, the structure requires a number of steel beams to overcome large spans and support areas of masonry.

Feature Work by Sms Timber Frame

 Once the steelwork is in place and the floor structur is fitted, the first floor panels are then erected ready to accept the roof structure, which on this project is a mixture of roof trusses, feature Oak trusses and loose rafters.

Green Oak Feature work by Sms Timber Frame

The first of the feature oakwork is crained into position to ensure the completion of this lower level roof, the oak then can be protected from the weather more effectively. 

Highly efficient, traditionally built timber frame home
Timber Frame low energy timber frame system

The roof structure begins to take shape and the felting and tiling of the roof is soon in progress to get the frame in the dry through the winter months. 

Traditional low energy timber frame home.

Once the frame is completed, it was then time to erect the rest of the oak feature work to the rear of the house, which consisted of a two storey oak frame with a peak to form the roof and a single storey ( at first floor level ) with a peak to form the roof, creating a fully oak and glass wall in two areas of the house. Providing and observatory and a feature glazed gable to the master bedroom. The structural green oak work was carried out in house by our skilled carpenters.

Timber Frame

 The external masonry finish was achieved using reclaimed Yorkshire stone which came from a demolished mill building.


Our clients aim was to create a traditional appearance with all the benefits of sustainability and energy efficiency assosiated with the timber frame.

"This is a complex structure with numerous features to contend with, but the support from Mike and the lads at Sms Timber Frame proved invaluable, it was amazing how all the components just fitted together". Jonathan Boothroyd