Contemporary Eco house - leamington spa

This project was brought to us by a very experienced and particular architect. Our client was very clear and particular about what she wanted to achieve and tasked Sms Timber Frame to find a structural solution.

We opted to use our 206mm Eco Eco stud system for the timber frame walls and 304mm metal web joists for the roof structure. This allowed us to achieve the u-values necessary for the structural walls and a roof zone deep enough to incorporate the beam depths required to for the large openings and open plan features embodied by this contemporary eco house.

This project had a design time of approximately 3 weeks and manufacture took approximately two weeks. These processes were overlapped with the installation of the slab ensuring the timber frame was ready to install upon completion of the foundations. Continuity was key to the efficiency of this project.  

The timber frame once delivered on site took a further 3 weeks to erect. At the end of the 3 weeks period, following trades commenced. The benefits of timber frame shine through again at this stage as many of the external and internal following trades can be overlapped.