Contemporary & Eco Structures

Contemporary and Eco Structures are becoming more prominent in construction every day, and with this in mind Sms Timber Frame have ensured they not only keep up with the trend, but that we stay in front of the trend. The development of engineered panel systems, floor systems, and roof systems (See our Products & U Values page) means that we can meet the requirements for larger window openings, spacious open plan living areas and breath taking vaulted roof structures... All items that are conducive to the needs of the modern home builder.

In terms of Eco homes, we hear from more and more self builders and developers inquiring about what we can offer in terms of Eco building products. Sms Timber Frame have spent many years researching various different products on the market that can assist with the development of our Eco timber frame system, in terms of cost efficiency, performance, usability and practicality. What aids us with this research, above all others is that we design,  manufacture and erect all of the timber frame components and structures in house, and as such we take all three of those elements into consideration when specifying products, ensuring that the quality and feasibility of each product is thought through and as such ensures a smooth and safe journey through your project.

At Sms Timber Frame, we like to stay ahead of the trend in terms of technology in the areas we feel it is beneficial to the quality of our product. 

Design - We take pride in our design at Sms Timber Frame. The combination of knowledge and experience possessed by Mike Smith and the utilization of modern technologies means that our design accuracy and reliability improves every day.
In addition to standard auto cad based timber frame design, we also run fully visualized 3D modelling software, which allows us to insert every component into a 1:1 3D model. This allows us not only to check all designed components fit perfectly, but also it allows us to issue our erectors with an as built visual aid, which has proved to eliminate confusion and errors at site level. 

Manufacture - Sms Timber Frame runs with a small team of operatives in the factory. We are a big believer of remaining traditional with regards to manufacturing our components, and as such all of our components are hand made, hand checked and hand packaged by our trusted team of staff. Although technology plays a big part, in terms of the equipment and machinery we possess, the main component is and always will be the staff. This allows a great deal of flexibility and common sense that would otherwise be lost in an automated system.

Erect - The erection of our structures is a key area. Our erection teams are carefully vetted and it is normal for any new erection teams we use to be accompanied on site by Mike Smith, the company owner, to ensure work is being carried out as we require and to the highest of standards. Our erection teams are in constant communication with our Head of Design ensuring that your project runs as smoothly as possible. 

We are strong believers of site-led design at Sms Timber Frame. We feel that it is critical, particularly for complex structures to run easily and smoothly at site level to avoid hitting any snags or delays.

We specialize in one off, contemporary eco houses and extensions, and will offer a fixed priced quotation based on architects plans. Should this be of interest, please "Get In Touch". 

contemporary eco house - leamington spa
This contemporary Eco Structure was manufactured from our "ECO Frame 206" timber frame system, and really pushed the boundaries in terms of engineering. The flat roof, large open spaces, and cantilevered roof areas all lend themselves perfectly to our timber frame system.
Contemporary ECO house - Old park road, leeds
This timber frame eco house combines a sleek contemporary design with flashes of eccentricity and flair. With a plethora or large openings, feature pillars and angular cantilevers on display, this contemporary eco house is one of a kind.
Contemporary eco house - newthorpe
Contemporary eco house in nottingham. this eco house with it large openings long span clerestory style glazing pushed the limits of engineering. the fluidity and light to the building is however exceptional. 
Contemporary extension- horseforth, leeds
This sleek and light extension was brought to us by architect dave newton (, who was looking for a structural solution for his brilliantly contemporary design.